Meet The Virtual Wellness Team Who Are Ready To Help You.
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Our Founders

Backed by a dedicated team of professionals Virtual Wellness has the opportunity and privilege of assisting you achieve optimum health and balance between body, mind and soul.

Susan Sloan Portfolio

Jolene is passionate about two main things: helping people, and education. She graduated at the top of her class for all three of her degrees, earning herself numerous academic awards. She holds a Bachelor of Sport Science (summa cum laude), Honours in Biokinetics (summa cum laude), and Master of Sport Science (cum laude).

Jolene Mortimer

Biokineticist & Sport Scientist

Nikki is a professional Self Development Consultant in the Corporate and Wellness sectors. She supports her clients in discovering their own innate competence, thus nurturing confidence and efficacy.

Nikki discovered the importance of an accurate self-image through her own intensive journey; surviving addiction and an abusive marriage.

Nikki Munitz

Professional Self Development Consultant

Physical Health Professionals

With a dedicated team of professionals we offer you a wide variety of mobility, flexibility, stability and strength classes. Find your fit with Virtual Wellness.

Susan Sloan Portfolio

Trained as a Hatha Yoga Instructor in 2000 (ISHTA Yoga Teachers-YTF, IYF) Susan is also a Hands on Healing Reiki Master(Usui) and Level 6 Kahuna Massage Therapist and Black Belt Nia Instructor. Susan has been involved in Health, Movement and Healing for 17 years.

Susan Sloan

Black Belt Nia Instructor and Hatha Yoga Instructor
Susan Sloan Portfolio

With a 10 year boxing career, Hedda is currently the South African Junior Welterweight champion. Boxing led her to pursue studies in Sport Science. Hedda is a certified StrongFirst lifting and Kettlebell instructor and has completed various courses on strength and conditioning.

Hedda Wolmarans

Professional Boxer and Sport Scientist
Nika Kumalo Edit

The Sting is a 2 times SA Champion, two times WBO championship challenger and contender, 'Boxer of the Year' nominee and winner of 'Fight of the Year'. He has received the 'SA Legend of the 20th Century' Award and 'Wester Province Sports Legend' Award.

Nika Kumalo

Professional Boxer & 2 times SA Champion
Susan Sloan Portfolio

With 7 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry, Karin brings with her an astute understanding of acrobatics, strength and flexibility through PoleFitness. Karin is a qualified StrongFirst SFG 1 Kettlebell instructor and a StrongFirst SFB Barbell instructor.

Karin Suter

Acrobatics, Strength & Flexibility
Susan Sloan Portfolio

Siphiwe is a qualified fitness instructor by HFPA and Running couch and also a runner and race walker. He is the former SA Champ (Race Walking) and offers a diverse range of classes to target muscles you never knew you had.

Siphiwe Noko

Personal Trainer
Susan Sloan Portfolio

Nicole completed her Undergraduate degree in Sport Science from the University of Pretoria in 2016, Honours degree in Sport and Recreation Management in 2017, and BHSc Honours in Biokinetics at the University of Witwatersrand in 2018.

Nicole Batchelor

Biokineticist & Sport Scientist

Wellness and Mental Health Professionals

Our team of professionals are here to offer you a diverse range of workshops and coaching that will assist you to take your Mental Health and Wellness to the next level.

Mirelle Wong Cardoso

She completed her Psych (Hons) and began working in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in the same year. Her focus is on prevention and primary interventions for psychological difficulties in both adolescents and adults.

Mirelle Wong Cardoso

Psychological Counsellor
Marius Swart Pic

Marius is a recovering addict and has been clean and sober for 17 years. He has been working as an Addictions Counsellor for a number of years and is extremely passionate about what he does.

Marius Swart

Addictions Counsellor
Susan Sloan Portfolio

Lana has over 20 years’ experience working with teens and adults. She has a specialised interest in the field of helping people understand and survive narcissistic abuse. Lana is a corporate trainer and develops and presents training for both local and global companies.

Lana Levin

Clinical Psychologist
Susan Sloan Portfolio

John A Smith is a former high school teacher and school counsellor. In 2004, he started exploring his passion for counselling and coaching. He founded TTK Life and Recovery Strategies focused on personal development and addiction recovery.

John Smith

Mindset Coach
Susan Sloan Portfolio

With an Honours Degree in Social Work & courses in Understanding Addictive Behaviour, M.I therapy & Matrix training, Neurology of the brain & Addiction, Understanding Addiction, the nature of the illness and Relapse prevention.

Landi Mostert

Addictions Specialist & Social Worker
Susan Sloan Portfolio

Debbie is an experienced Registered Counsellor in private practice. She works therapeutically with children, teens and adults. Her experience includes addiction counselling, as well as working with special needs children.

Debbie van der Merwe

Registered Counsellor
Susan Sloan Portfolio

Claire understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and anxious by work and life. Empathetic and perceptive, her own defining moment of professional desperation catalysed her to develop The Maverick Accelerator Method™ and liberate others to live in growth and harmony.

Claire Protheroe

Flow Strategy Consultant
Susan Sloan Portfolio

James is a counsellor in the field of addiction and personal development having battled addiction, trauma and PTSD for years James eventually sought help and is now 10 years clean and sober and has a passion helping others find peace and serenity.

James Starkey

Recovery Coach
Susan Sloan Portfolio

Barbara is an accredited mediator in private practice, specialising in Divorce and Parenting Plans. Her understanding of the many hardships of the human journey has been developed over many years while working in general, grief & trauma counselling & gambling addiction.

Barbara Booyens

Mediator & Trainer

Nutrition and Dietetics Professionals

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Taryn is a committed, driven and resourceful Registered Dietitian. She completed her community service at Edenvale Hospital in 2016. She aims to provide the best possible nutrition care and service to both her state hospital and private practice patients.

Taryn followed this career path because of her love for food, health, science and most of all - helping people.

Taryn Walton

Registered Dietician
Susan Sloan Portfolio

Chantal is a B.Sc.Hons Physiotherapy, as well as a health & lifestyle coach specialising in the gut microbiome and leaky gut. Her specific areas of expertise include weight loss and the management of auto-immune diseases, cancer, anxiety and depression.

Chantal Du Chenne

Health & Lifestyle Coach