Surviving Narcissistic Abuse - What exactly is Narcissism? | 5 November 2020 - Virtual Wellness
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Surviving Narcissistic Abuse – What exactly is Narcissism? | 5 November 2020



What exactly is Narcissism? This series kicks off with an in -depth discussion of what exactly narcissism is. The term is thrown out reguarly in general conversation, with most people really using it to describe others who behave in very selfish ways. However, true narcissism extends beyond selfishness. True narcissists use their charm and charisma to seduce their victim and then proceed to use a series of well-documented tactics to systematically emotionally abuse the victim (sometimes pysically, spiritually and financially as well). The relationship only exists in so far as the victim serves a purpose for the narcissist. When the victim is no longer needed, (s)he is discarded. This frst session details this dynamic and explores the abuse cycle in detail. It serves to highlight the differences between pure selfishness and true narcissism. The series will detail strategies for coping with narcissistic abuse, as each topic is unpacked.