Flow at your Fingertips | 4 November 2020 | 16h00 - Virtual Wellness
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Flow at your Fingertips | 4 November 2020 | 16h00



Unlock Your Potential and Operate at Your Highest Point of Contribution 

This is a Power-hour Workshop that teaches you how to: 

  • Understand yourself better and what makes you tick
  • Have healthy relationships and BE YOURSELF.
  • Know your value and self worth
  • Design your day for passion, purpose and success
  • Freedom to ‘own your time’ and do more of what you love
  • Recover quickly from overwhelm, anxiety and fear and move forward with clarity 
  • Say goodbye to playing small and supercharge your courage and resilience 
  • Stay focussed, organised and productive and boldly pursue your goals  
  • Prioritise your day with ease and operate at your best each and every day

The Struggle is Real 

The on-going buildup of stress affects important areas of our life: 

  • Underperformance 
  • Lack of direction  
  • Feel trapped and stuck
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Working all the time with no more time for adventure
  • Increased anxiety and overwhelm 
  • Less time with family and friends 
  • Not time to do the things that ‘tick your soul box’

Stress significantly impacts our life. The biggest problem is that we‘ve become used to working under enormous pressure. 

We need a line in the sand. To know where we are right now, and how to move forward quickly. This is what this workshop is about…. Getting you from A – B … fast. 

Flow at Your Fingertips: A workshop designed to help you own your time and do more of what you love, without the guilt. 

Discover your FLOW and supercharge your productivity and potential. 

A proven step-by-step process that transforms your life!   

Step 1: Assess your current level of stress 

Step 2: Discover your unique stress-triggers

Step 3: Pinpoint what’s holding you back from reaching your potential

Step 4: Own your time and do more of what you love