Meet The Virtual Wellness Team Who Are Ready To Help You.
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About Us

Virtual Wellness was born out of the belief that in order for human beings to operate at an optimum level, care needs to be taken in every area of our lives. These areas include fitness, nutrition, mental wellbeing and everything in between. So many of us make the mistake of only focusing on one area of our lives at a time – often to the detriment of the other areas.


At Virtual Wellness, we provide a platform that not only facilitates balanced wellness, but that is also easily accessible, no matter where you are in the world. This allows our team the opportunity and privilege of assisting people in achieving optimum health and balance between mind, body and soul.

Our Founders

Backed by a dedicated team of professionals Virtual Wellness has the opportunity and privilege of assisting you achieve optimum health and balance between body, mind and soul.

Susan Sloan Portfolio

Jolene is passionate about healing, helping and educating people in achieving balance and physical wellbeing. She graduated at the top of her class for all three of her degrees, earning herself numerous academic awards. She holds a Bachelor of Sport Science (summa cum laude), Honours in Biokinetics (summa cum laude), and Master of Sport Science (cum laude). Jolene currently runs her own private practice, a successful online sport science and training business, and is the mother of 4 beautiful cats. She brings with her a calm and gentle yet humorous approach.

Jolene Mortimer

Biokineticist & Sport Scientist

Nikki is a professional Self Development Consultant in the Corporate and Wellness sectors. She supports her clients in discovering their own innate competence, thus nurturing confidence and efficacy. Nikki discovered the importance of an accurate self-image through her own intensive journey; surviving addiction and an abusive marriage. Nikki currently runs her own private practice, heads up numerous rehabilitation centres, and has 2 beautiful children. She delivers a powerful message of hope, resilience and success.

Nikki Munitz

Professional Self Development Consultant