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How to Use Your Cellphone to Lose Weight

How to Use Your Cellphone to Lose Weight

We live in the technological age. The 21st Century lifestyle is one like no other. Most of us are running around like chickens without heads trying to find balance between work and play. Whilst running around, however, we all seem to have our cellphone in hand. One of the challenges with a lot of diet and exercise programs is that one is required to track what one eats and does on a daily basis. What we find is that by the end of the day that mint that you had just after lunch is quickly forgotten. The result? Eating extra calories and wondering why we are not losing weight.


With the advancement of science, so too has the advancement of nutritional and exercise applications (apps) come about. One of the great thing about these apps is that you can track your activity and eating habits as and when you do them (your phone will always be close by). Because we always want to track what is being done on a daily basis, I find these apps very helpful…especially when you have a goal! It is well-known that “what gets measured, improves” so tracking yourself is key to getting results.


Here are my top two health/fitness apps that I use to track not only my clients, but also myself:


  1. Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal

This is a great app that is a one stop shop. You can track set your goal weight and it calculates how many calories you should be eating. You are then able to track what you eat and it calculates the calories for you. It has great functions such as measuring your water intake and the exercise that you do for the day. It provides detailed breakdowns of your macro-nutrients, too. It also links to other applications to log the exercise calories that you burnt into the day. The food list is comprehensive, accurate and easy to navigate so loading your food intake becomes a breeze: a must have!


  1. Strava – Exercise Tracker

This tracks your exercise activities with GPS provided you record your activity and have your cellphone with you. If you aren’t a fan of training with your phone, it can also sync with your fitness device. It allows you to challenge your friends and create routes, set personal records and follow your friends or those you wish to challenge. You can also sync your HR monitor or device to Strava which makes it super convenient or upload your own manual activity. Besides, “if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen”. It is basically the Facebook of fitness nerds. Kudos to you for this one, Strava.