Movember - Virtual Wellness
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It’s Movember, but we call it “Move Vember” – Get it?

Get In: Get Moving

Movember is a brilliant concept that has gained momentum over the years in support of Men’s Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer. All of these are topics often brushed under the carpet but remain imperitive to us all. There is evidence that higher levels of physical activty are linked to lower risks of certain cancers (, and that the benefits of exercise are significant when it comes to mental health matters

Since we are a women-owned company (and cannot grow a moustache in our support of Movember without it being frowned upon) we challenge everyone to put the “Move” into Movember this year. One of our mottos is that “As long as you are moving, you are moving in the right direction” … so let’s move together. We challenge you to “21 Days of Moving for Movember”.


It is simple, follow the programme below for the next 21 days, take a picture or video of yourself or how you feel before, during or after the activity, and post to our social media pages with #virtualwellnessmovember. We will be offering the winner the right to claim the prize for themselves OR to pay it forward. The prize worth more than R5 000 so we are sure it will be worth your while. Besides, anyone can do it!


Here is the program: It doesn’t matter if you do all of the repetitions in one go, if you do them with breaks in between, or if you break the exercise up to do throughout the day – what matters to us is that you are MOVing for Movember.


Some tips to remember when doing Squats:

Make sure your feet are pointing forwards, keep the pressure on your heels, do not let the knees cross over the front toe, ensure that the knee follows the line of the second toe and doesn’t drop in or move outwards, and stick the buttocks backwards.

Some tips to remember when doing Push Ups:

Do them standing pushing up against a wall, with your hands on the bed, kneeling or in full-push up position. Be sure to keep your chin up, your shoulders down, core tight, shoulders relaxed and elbows slightly tucked inwards.

Some tips to remember when doing Crunches:

Lie on your back with your knees bent, support your neck with your hands, open your elbows out wide, lift the chest slightly off the ground keeping your eyes fixed on the ceiling or sky. Try not to pull on your neck and keep the elbows out.

Some tips to remember when doing Star Jumps:

Keep your feet pointed forward, lift your arms out to the side as you jump outwards with the feet, try stay on the balls of your feet throughout.

The challenge ends at the end of the month so best you get started soon. The last day you can start the challenge is 10 November, so don’t delay.

We look forward to getting MOVing with you this Movember.

Stay Strong