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Get Grounded

Get Grounded

Anxiety has become a catch phrase. People are quick to jump onto the bandwagon – either dismissing it as nonsense, or claiming it for themselves.

COVID-19 has given most people a healthy dose of anxiety to contend with. If we were struggling with anxiety before, we just leveled up.

So what is it? Anxiety is described as intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations – resulting in a fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating and feeling tired.

In ‘normal’ stressful situations, anxiety is present and appropriate. It becomes a problem when the feeling of anxiety becomes excessive, all-consuming and interferes with daily life.

Doctors can be quite quick to diagnose and medicate anxiety disorders. We can be equally hasty to desire the diagnosis, as with it can come some relief on the certainty of its existence, and then treatment.

For some people medication is vital in order to be able to function and live a fulfilled existence. For others, a therapeutic intervention alone is sufficient. Both options however will be greatly enhanced and benefit from practicing grounding techniques. These enable us to practise being present. Our anxiety tends to come from experiencing panic over uncertainty. Being able to become more present in my own life – focusing on the here and now –  brings more peace.

Stay safe and look after yourself!