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Virtual Wellness was born out of the belief that in order for human beings to operate at an optimum level care needs to be taken in every area of our lives. These areas include fitness, nutrition, mental wellbeing and everything in between. So many of us make the mistake of only focusing on one area of our lives at a time – often to the detriment of the other areas.


At Virtual Wellness, we provide a platform that not only facilitates balanced wellness, but that is also easily accessible, no matter where you are in the world. This allows our team the opportunity and privilege of assisting people in achieving optimum health and balance between mind, body and soul.

To live our best lives and to become the best version of ourselves


Physical health is vital for overall well-being and is defined as the condition of your body. We not only consider the absence of disease, but also your fitness level when talking about being physically healthy. Not surprisingly, it is the most visible of the multiple dimensions of health: some of the most obvious and serious signs that we are unhealthy appear physically. Addressing this dimension is crucial for anyone attempting to sustain overall health and well-being.


Physical activity is great in keeping our bodies healthy, improving our overall well-being and in improving our quality of life.


Mental health is a different matter although many of the coping skills developed through wellness can be utilized in addition to treatment prescribed for mental health issues.


Mental health concerns are often medical and require intervention on a more intensive level through trained professionals. These diagnoses range from minor depression upwards and usually require medical support.


Either way – any support you can get is valuable.


In recent times there has been a distinct shift in the way companies are approaching corporate and employee wellness. As a result, many organisations are starting to invest more in comprehensive employee wellness programmes that aim to address work-life balance.


The mental health and wellbeing of employees is critical for maintaining sustainable levels of employee engagement, resilience, motivation and innovation. Employees are now experiencing increasing stress and pressures because of different working environments and/or because they are working from home. We have seen a rise in depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress-related illness and burnout in recent times.


A comprehensive and holistic wellness programme has lasting benefits in positively managing risks surrounding mental and physical wellbeing for employees. Through an integrated employee wellness approach, employers can benefit through the positive impact on productivity and business performance.


Reset Workout-2

This workout is specifically designed to reset and rebalance your body. The 45 – 60 minutes will focus on dynamic mobility exercises, stability exercises and flexibility (stretching). Mobility is vital in order to allow the joints to move as they should, stability includes core stability and strength, together with our smaller stabilising muscle groups; whilst flexibility is important in order to maintain an ideal length of the muscles to allow for optimal movement.


All you need is a mat/comfortable floor, an exercise band (or long towel) and a good attitude. This class is suited especially those battling with lower back pain, injuries, high stress levels and general fatigue or burnout. By balancing the body, we hope to reset the body so that you may continue on your chosen fitness path. If you are a fitness fanatic, this class is also vital (we recommend doing it once a month at least) since it helps with injury prevention and overall recovery. The good news is that this workout is suitable for ALL fitness levels.


Get the expertise of a Biokineticist for only R150/session.












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